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if you don’t think some of the hate Taylor Swift receives is unnecessary and sexist let me just remind you that she once wore a black turtle neck, jeans and boots and this was a result



scandalous wow cover your eyes

shes wearin a turtleneck call tHE COPS SHES BEIN 2 SEXY

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Cap: Shouldn’t be a problem.


look i’m sometimes a good person, i think i deserve the age of ultron footage

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A poster on Reddit asks: What are two events that took place in the same time in history but don’t seem like they would have?

Spain was still a fascist dictatorship when Microsoft was founded.

There were no classes in calculus in Harvard’s…

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ways james could have revealed his animagus secret to lily

  • surprised her mid conversation when he saw the perfect opportunity



  • transformed in the middle of the night while they slept 





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i hate that i literally cant tell if im ugly or not and i cant tell if im really fat or just like kinda fat i literally cant tell and sometimes ill be like “im just being dumb im pretty good looking” and then ill be like “wow im being so egotistical i definitely look like shit what am i talking about” like i just…. dont know and it bothers me so much cos it’s something i can’t understand 



stop taking bucky’s metal arm away

stop taking charles’ wheelchair away

stop taking clint’s hearing aids away

disabled superheroes are important stop sucking please

I read this wrong and I was just picturing them all confused as to who keeps taking their stuff.

"Steve have you seen my arm anywhere?"

"Nope, sorry Bucky.  By the way, have you seen Clint’s hearing aids?  He hasn’t been able to hear a damn thing all day"

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so, let me get this straight.

ben c was khan in star trek. he was smaug in the goddamned hobbit. and he plays sherlock holmes is what is arguable becoming one of the most popular shows worldwide.

and you’re telling me.

he went to the san diego fucking comic con

for the penguins of fucking madagascar.

Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

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I just need this scene where Bucky makes a dirty joke in front of the Avengers and everyone just stops for a moment. And then Steve just snorts soda out his nose and starts laughing so hard he can hardly breathe.

And everyone is just shocked because they thought Steve would be scandalized.

Bucky just looks at their stunned faces and goes “You do know that we were in the army, right?”



Stuff Letícia draws in my hands, part 1.

i’m an artist

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How fucked up is the entire concept of The Parent Trap? These parents have twins but want a divorce so they decide their best course of action is to just each take one and never speak to each other again.